Misconceptions About Diabetes

The number of diabetic patients in Bangladesh is about 7 million, according to the International Diabetes Foundation. But 56 percent of those affected cannot know they have diabetes. Many people have myths about sugar and diabetes diet.

It is very important to follow the rules and regulations of their life and eating habits. Many people have misconceptions about food. There are many studies in various developed countries around the world on which foods are beneficial for diabetics. It is good to know about the myths about diabetes.

1Is Diabetes Contagious?
2Eating Sweets Causes Diabetes
3The Last Treatment For Diabetes Is Insulin
4Starchy Foods Are Harmful
5All sweet foods should be avoided

Is Diabetes Contagious?

No, diabetes is not a contagious disease. Type 2 diabetes can be caused by genetic factors in particular. Be sure to take the test on the advice of a doctor without believing in these conventional ideas.
If you are diagnosed with diabetes, change your eating habits and lifestyle, try to keep yourself healthy by taking regular medication and regular monitoring. It is possible to lead a completely healthy life by controlling diabetes.

Eating Sweets Causes Diabetes

There is no direct link between eating sweets and diabetes. Not eating more sweets can cause diabetes.
In fact family history, weight gain, unhealthy diet, physical inactivity, etc. increase the risk of diabetes. There is a risk of weight gain if you eat more sweets. This is because sweets contain more calories and increase the risk of diabetes.

The Last Treatment For Diabetes Is Insulin

The fact that insulin is being given does not mean that your condition is very complicated.
Insulin can be taken at any time in the life of a diabetic patient. Especially during pregnancy, before and after any major surgery, During a hospital stay with a serious illness or during serious infection, Insulin is the most reliable and safe treatment for kidney or liver complications. In addition, if the blood sugar rises a lot for any reason, insulin is needed.

Starchy Foods Are Harmful

The answer is no, not at all harmful, but starchy foods are very healthy for diabetics. The role of starch in controlling blood sugar is much greater. Starchy foods contain essential nutrients for the body and contain essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and fiber, which is beneficial for diabetic patients. But there are many foods in it that cause high blood sugar.

High fiber foods and vegetables are good for diabetics. However, the number of starchy foods you should eat every day should be decided in consultation with a diabetes specialist. According to nutritionists, white rice, potatoes, refined flour should be avoided. In addition to this type of food, many other foods also contain healthy starch. More to know

7Butternut Squash
8Green Peas
10Sweet Potato

Beneficial food for patients with high blood sugar.

All sweet foods should be avoided

This is not entirely true. If you have diabetes and want to eat sweets, Then you can include these foods in your diet in different ways. Eating too many sweet foods, it also causes high blood sugar.
– Artificial sugar can be used to make sweet foods, avoid it.
– Even if you eat sweets, reduce the amount. For example, eat one teaspoon instead of two teaspoons of ice cream. Once a month if your diabetes is controlled.
– Instead of eating regularly, just eat sweets at festivals or occasions. Sweet are harmful for us.
– If you eat too much, exercise for a while & fasting.

How Many Times And How Much To Eat Any Fruit?

Of course, the fruit is healthy food. It contains fiber, lots of vitamins, and minerals. But fruits also contain sugars, which must be adjusted in the diet. Causes of high blood sugar levels by eating excess fruit. If necessary, talk to a nutritionist to decide which fruit to eat, how many times to eat, and how much to eat.

If you have diabetes and If you have high blood sugar symptoms appear, then you should avoid all the foods you like. This is also a completely wrong idea. Patients with diabetes must be able to eat the food of their choice, but some changes must be made in the diet.
Such as reducing the amount of oil in the diet, eating less sugary foods.



Weight is very important for diabetics. If you are overweight, it must be reduced through diet and exercise. Sugar and sweets should be excluded. Fiber rich foods need to be added to the food list. It is better to follow a diet list of diabetic patients and eat home-made healthy food. If a person continues to take insulin or other medications regularly, Then you have to eat food regularly & Must be following the doctor’s advice.


We are currently dependent on outside food, which means we eat restaurant or hotel food. Which must be avoided. If you have diabetes, avoid these – Sweet foods, fast food, Excessive sleep, not exercising, not eating according to the rules, and not following the rules. Of course, diabetics patients must follow the rules in everything.

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