How To Reduce Sugary Foods, Unhealthy Fats and Make a Meals list

How To Reduce Sugary Foods?

Saturated fats and sugars – saturated fats on your daily diet, such as- Avoid curdled milk and sugar-rich foods. Instead, you can eat milk cream, original ghee, butter. Many people think that eating sweets will fulfill the demand for milk, But this is a misconception.

💡 Drinking one glass of milk/ Butter/ Ghee daily satisfies most of the nutritional needs of the body.

Add sweets to your diet – Sour yogurt, black tea, oatmeal, etc. usually do not contain sugar. You can eat a small amount of sweet fruit if you want, or you can’t mix a small amount of sugar in these foods. Don’t eat sugar and oil. Sugar is a silent killer. You can use olive oil or mustard oil.

Processed Food Selection – Be careful with outside packaged foods, fast foods, Bread, Biscuits, chips etc, there are glucose levels high. Choose low-sugar foods. It is best to take home-made food.

Soft drinks and juices – Drinking a bottle (250 ml) of soft drinks or juice every day raises blood sugar levels by about 15 percent. Instead, you can drink lemonade or orange juice. You can drink sugar-free tea & without sugary milk tea.

Emphasis on flavor instead of sugar – Reduce the sugar level in the foods and add mint, vanilla, olive, etc. flavors to it.

Enjoy the full taste of food in other ways – Without eating ice cream, frozen banana, dark chocolate, etc.

Selection of fatty foods – Fat is bad for your health, but it also has many benefits, so be careful when choosing fatty foods. Healthy fat is – eggs, meat, butter, ghee, omega rich fish.

Unhealthy Fats – The worst fats are these (processed trans fats). Processed packaged foods, deep-fried foods, oil, chips, burgers, fries, etc. should be avoided.

Healthy Fats – Unsaturated fats are best, the main sources of which are fish and plants. Such as – olive oil, almond oil, Omega 3 rich fish, eggs, meat etc. Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids, which help prevent various diseases as well as keep the brain and heart strong.

Saturated fats – usually a source of various dairy products, red meat, tropical oil. It can be eaten but must be eaten according to calculations.

How To Avoid Unhealthy Fats?

Don’t eat chips or crackers, fast-food, oily foods, you can eat nuts or seeds instead. Peanut butter and ghee is better than curdled milk.

Do not eat deep fry food. You can eat lightly fried, boiled, or baked food. Avoid packaged foods, processed foods.

Do not eat regularly red meat (such as beef). You can eat skinless chicken, fish, eggs, and vegetable protein.

You can use olive oil or Mustard oil in pasta, vegetables, and salads. Made with wheat flour is used in sandwiches, burgers, etc. It contains unsaturated fats. Adding vegetables and small amount of meat, it will add a different dimension to the food.

💡 Consumption of moderate dairy foods.

Regular Meals And Meal List Preparation

Interestingly, 7% of weight loss will reduce the risk of diabetes. It does not require excessive awareness.

Make a list of what to eat and what to eat in a systematic way. Being aware can greatly reduce the risk of developing diabetes. 

💡 The time mentioned above, eat at the specified time.

Eat small amounts of meals – do not eat more than 4 times. If you eat food in this way, then you can easily keep records.

Calories – Eat moderate meals as advised by your doctor. For example, if you don’t eat the night before and eat extra foods the next morning, For those who have high blood sugar, it is harmful to them. Blood sugar levels vary if food is not eaten regularly.

Food Diary – People who have a food diary have lost twice as much weight. Those who did not keep a food diary did not change anything. By creating a food diary you can understand which foods are deficient and which foods are being over-eaten. In this way, you can prepare your own food list by creating self-awareness.

Get to work every day – Start the morning with exercise. Walking for 30 minutes every day greatly enhances the action of insulin in the body. You can exercise without walking, swimming, cycling, jumping rope, etc. Blood sugar levels are at a tolerable level through physical labor.

Bottom Line:

So, to control high blood sugar, you need to be careful about sugary foods, fats, and non-vegetarian foods. You need to prepare a food diary or write down in a diary about what you are eating. It is possible to control high blood sugar through food diaries and regular exercise.

By eating according to the rules and by exercising regularly, anyone can reduce the chances of developing diabetes and high blood sugar levels.

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