High Blood Sugar Symptoms

Almost all of us are aware of what kind of symptoms & problems occur in the body as a result of rising blood sugar levels. The most unfortunate thing about diabetes is that it can be controlled with medication, exercise, and diet, but there is no way to cure it completely. Diabetes gradually increases people’s illnesses. We discussed above the causes of high blood sugar and what you do. Now Read more about high blood sugar symptoms details below.

Diabetes Urination Problems

Problems with frequent urination are symptoms of high blood sugar. This is because your body can’t manage blood glucose properly and puts pressure on the kidneys. It causes frequent urination problems.

💡Frequent urination due to high blood sugar is called polyuria.

This problem causes about three liters of urine to be excreted in 24 hours, where one to two liters is excreted in the case of a normal human being. how to stop frequent urination in diabetes? You can avoid this by following the tips given below and of course consult a doctor if you have such problems.

Even those who have diabetes and are taking insulin have this problem. Polyura can cause kidney and liver damage. Polyuria is often caused by diuretics and excessive coffee consumption.

According to experts, when the level of sugar increases in the body, it puts pressure on the kidneys to remove sugar from the body. That’s why he gets frequent urination. This is the first high blood sugar symptoms.

Can Diabetes Cause Extreme Fatigue?

Feeling more depressed is a sign of high blood sugar. If you have extra glucose in your body, you will feel tired. If there is more glucose in the blood, it flows slowly. Again, if the blood sugar is normal, it flows normally. When the blood sugar level is high, the organs and cells do not get the required oxygen from the blood. This disease can lead to chronic damage if left treatment for a long time

Inflammation of the blood vessels occurs when the blood sugar level is high. Researchers have found that inflammation of the blood vessels spreads monocytes to the brain. Monocytes are immune cells. So diabetes causes fatigue.

💡 Increased glucose makes you feel fatigued and even if it decreases.

If there is not enough glucose in the blood, the body does not get energy. Feeling fatigued due to high blood sugar can cause drowsiness and annoyed.

This disrupts the daily work. This feeling of fatigue reduces the quality of sleep.

The study found that 31% of patients with type 1 diabetes reported sleep problems and 42% of patients with type 2 diabetes have trouble sleeping.

Shortness of breath is a sign of increased sugar levels in the body. When the level of sugar increases, the body becomes dehydrated and as a result of dehydration, the body becomes weak. It is also one of the reasons for high blood sugar symptoms.

Feeling numb on fingers and toes or the whole hand. These symptoms appear when the situation has reached a critical stage. This is also a common high blood sugar symptoms.

Are Headaches A Sign Of Diabetes?

Headaches often occur when blood sugar levels rise. It’s not a headache like a migraine. It lasts for a few days. 

This is actually the first sign of high blood sugar. If left untreated, the pain may increase. Headaches are a sign that blood glucose is getting out of control. It is advisable to avoid caffeine (tea, coffee) in addition to taking medication.

💡 However, it should be kept in mind that not all headaches are due to high blood sugar levels.

Pain can also be caused by difficulty sleeping, alcohol, allergic reactions, hormonal changes, etc. So if you have more headaches, go to the doctor to know for sure what the disease is. High blood sugar can cause pain, who knows?

Does diabetes make you thirsty?

Excess water thirst is called polydipsia. This is one of the symptoms of high blood sugar.  Polydipsia results in increased polyuria. Every time you need to go to the toilet, you need to drink water, then there is the need to drink water.

We know that drinking enough water is good for the body. But drinking extra water does not bring good for the body. You can ask why does diabetes cause thirst?

It disturbs the chemical balance of the body. Drinking extra water increases the amount of urine. There is very little sodium in the blood and excess water is lost in the cells. There are so many headaches, muscle aches, nausea, tiredness.If you don’t treatment, so it can lead to death.

💡Drinking extra water-thin the body’s electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. These ingredients work to boost immunity and in the process of digestion.

Frequent urination when there is pressure on the kidneys to expel glucose from the body. And then the kidneys start taking fluid from the body cells. Resulting in frequent thirst for water.

Blurred Vision

Elevated blood sugar levels can cause blurred vision. This can sometimes be too much. If the high blood sugar level does not decrease, the lens of the eye becomes swollen. This causes the problem of blurred vision.

If not treated in time, the lens is permanently damaged and vision deteriorates. Eye problems caused by this disease are called diabetic retinopathy.

💡 Two of the most common diseases are macular edema and proliferative retinopathy.

The macular is swollen for fluid to come out causes macular edema. The macula is in the middle of the retina. 

It is important for 20/20 vision and color comprehension. If there is a problem with the macula, then vision and color are difficult to see. So if you have blurred vision, go to the doctor immediately. You need to take emergency blurred vision treatment. Must be treated by an ophthalmologist.

Proliferative retinopathy is caused by the perforation of a blood vessel. This causes fluid to come out of the center of the eye. This causes vision problems. In addition, the person sees a blurred vision.

💡 Elevated blood sugar levels also increase the risk of cataracts.

Blurred vision is one of the high blood sugar symptoms. When the level of glucose in the body increases, it has an effect on eyesight. Increased glucose causes create the problem of blurred vision.

Sudden Weight Loss

Many people suddenly try to lose a lot of weight without diet or exercise. This is another important sign of rising sugar levels in the body. Again, this disease can cause sudden loss of body weight. In addition to weight loss, dehydration and excessive urination may occur. The question may come to your mind, does diabetes cause weight gain. Yes, if you do not follow the diet rules, glucose levels in your body will increase and for that, you will gain weight.

The Wound Does Not Dry

If any part of the body is cut, it does not dry easily and it takes a long time to dry. This is one of the symptoms of increased glucose levels in the body.
If all these symptoms are seen, you must consult a doctor as soon as possible without neglecting it. Check your blood and urine to make sure you have diabetes disease. This is Also a bad high blood sugar symptoms.


Doctors think that the method of controlling this disease is very simple. Information is also very easily available. Doctors are advising to know them. Because a lot of things will seem easy if you know the information. If you suffer from diabetes then follow this post which will help you “How to Bring Blood Sugar Down & 11 Foods to Prevent Diabetes.

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